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Sons Of Tuscon – A First Look

The Sons Of Tuscon Cast

Sons Of Tuscon Premieres March 14th On Fox

SONS OF TUCSON is a family comedy done FOX style about three brothers who hire a charming, wayward schemer to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison.  While it starts out to be strictly business, as time goes on, both seem to learn life lessons from each other and you can sense that the relationship will grow more and more like a real family.

Tyler Levine, fresh from last year’s 2 season delight from the CW  Reaper, stars as the wayward schemer.  The character that he played on Reaper, “Sock”, a lovable slacker who gets himself into weekly mischief is essentially the same character he plays on Sons of Tuscon.  In fact, they could have easily played this as a spin-off, which would have been nice because we all might have found out the fate of Sam, the devil’s son.  But I digress here.

For those of you who can’t relate to the Reaper references, you can easily see similarities to Jack Black in both style and actions.

The characters are all flawed, but not flawed enough in which you don’t care about any of them.  The kids all seem to have 3 dimensional personalities, at least the older ones.  The brothers fight and help each other like a real family.  In screening the first three episodes, the first one definitely shined in terms of writing and storyline.  Episode 2 starts to waver in the believability department and at times compromised storyline in search of some cheap laughs, but by Episode 3, I was back on board, even though the idea of watching the “family” create 15 years of photos really wasn’t any more believable, it was laugh out loud funny.   And it was nice to see Natalie Martinez again, who played the youngest brother Robby’s 2nd grade teacher.   I never thought she would have survived the stigma of starring in both critically maligned telenovas Saints & Sinners and Fashion House, but here she plays a wonderfully contrasting stable figure who I hope continues to make future appearances on the show.

What starts out as a one joke premise quickly shows a lot of promise on the future direction of all of the characters.  In addition to their flaws, they are definitely lovable and funny.   Scheduling this show on Sunday’s Animation lineup definitely makes this show a long shot in terms of survival (see ratings for other non animated sitcoms airing on Sundays, The War At Home, Unhitched and The Winner), but I’m hoping that there will be enough of a niche audience here the will buck the odds and give this show a shot.  Hey, at least they didn’t pair this one with ‘Til Death.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you all sample this one.

As a bonus, check out this clip from the pilot episode which included the two original actors who played the oldest and youngest sons, both of which were replaced.


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