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Re-Inventing Bonaduce

One of the most interesting and outlandish Reality “Celebrities” to date has been Danny Bonaduce.  His candor and his ability to act like a jerk to his wife in front of America without any remorse or regret has made him legendary for Reality die-hards.  His last reality show, Breaking Bonaduce was one of the most fascinating train wrecks I had ever witnessed.  Danny crossed so many lines in order to outdo himself on the badness scale that it resulted in the breakup of his marriage.  He fully admits to being at fault with numerous affairs totally over 50 during their time together.

So with Danny being the bad guy and his wife coming off like a saint, could there be any interest in a Reality show featuring his wife?  Well the Fox Reality Channel apparently thought so and put out a small 4 episode series featuring Gretchen and her trying to make it out on her own.  The end result was unspectacular at best.  That is until Danny came into the picture on the last 2 episodes.  Their fight on his radio show was once again legendary TV and it’s something that you really should check out if you are a fan of this kind of train wreck TV.

While all four eps have aired, Fox Reality will be re-running them over the next month.  You can skip past the non-Danny eps where Gretchen dates, drinks a lot of wine with her gal pals and looks to sell her jewelry line to Hot Topic.  But the series finale brawl was definitely must see TV.  Danny Bonaduce remains the king of trashy reality TV! 


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