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Is More To Love The Next Fox Travesty?

The Fox Network has never been known for it’s inspirational reality TV.  From The Swan to Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire, they’ve pushed the limits on tacky television.  Now, here comes another Reality offering which, while described as “an inspirational dating competition”, may or may not be the next American TV Travesty.  The premise we’ve heard a million times, boy meets girls, boy eliminates girls, boy ends up with one girl and the after the show is over, boy never talks to girl again.  You know it. I know it.  But we watch anyways.   Of course this has not been screened so you’ll be just as surprised as I am if this truly turns out to be inspirational.  Now if we want to guarantee some inspirational TV, let’s have Luke and the Winner all go on to The Biggest Loser next season.   Anyhow, here is how Fox is pitching the show….




New Inspirational Dating Competition Premieres Tuesday, July 28 on FOX


MORE TO LOVE, the new dating competition show from Mike Fleiss (“The Bachelor”), follows one regular guy’s search for love among a group of real women determined to prove that love comes in all shapes and sizes. The inspirational new series, hosted by iconic supermodel Emme, premieres Tuesday, July 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


Luke Conley is a 26-year-old former college football offensive lineman who stands 6’3” and weighs over 300 pounds. He’s a successful sub-contractor and real estate investor who has his sights set on building a long-lasting relationship. Luke’s ideal woman is intelligent, passionate, down-to-earth, full-figured and comfortable in her own skin.


This eligible guy will have the chance to find the woman of his dreams when 20 voluptuous ladies vie for his heart. These unique women have careers ranging from waitress to teacher to lawyer to rocket scientist, but they all have one thing in common: They are also looking for love.


This brawny prince is searching for one curvy Cinderella to take on the romantic adventure of a lifetime. Throughout the course of his journey, Luke will wine and dine these women during romantic outings, where some will experience their first real dates. As Luke narrows the competition each week through emotional elimination ceremonies, he will be one step closer to finding the woman who is his perfect fit.


 The MORE TO LOVE leading man is:


Name: Luke ConleyAge: 26

Occupation: Real Estate Investor/


Hometown: Santa Maria, CA


The female MORE TO LOVE participants are:

Name: AmandaAge: 23

Occupation: College Student

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA



Her perfect guy: “Funny, tall, motivated, honest and attractive.”

Name: AnnaAge: 27

Occupation: Plus-Size Model

Hometown: San Francisco, CA; currently lives in Los Angeles, CA   



Her perfect guy: “Spontaneous, cool under pressure, determined but patient, forgiving, smart, kind, loving and someone I can trust with my heart with.”

Name: ArrianeAge: 37

Occupation: Entertainer

Hometown: Wichita, KS; currently lives in Santa Monica, CA  


Her perfect guy: “A great sense of humor, excellent communication skills, emotionally available, an abundant life in all ways and a consciousness of loving and living fully.”

Name: BonnieAge: 25

Occupation: Make-Up Artist/Stylist

Hometown: Portland, OR  


Her perfect guy: “Talent. I live for a man who can create: art, music, stories. Blend that with a handsome smile and a sarcastic wit, and you’ve met my match.”  

Name: ChristinaAge: 23          

Occupation: Student

Hometown: Brighton, MI 



Her perfect guy: “I like when a man is established or has goals and ambitions. I prefer a man who is intellectual and can challenge me.”


Name: DanielleAge: 25

Occupation: Theater Company Technical Director 

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  



Her perfect guy: “Someone funny, caring, respectful, creative and has something they care about in the world beyond themselves. A life-long learner always looking for the next adventure and what more they can learn or teach the world.” 

Name: HeatherAge: 22         

Occupation: Recent College Graduate/ Cocktail Waitress 

Hometown: Bondurant, IA; currently lives in Ankeny, IA  


Her perfect guy: “Caring, dependable, honest, funny, confident, smart and a positive outlook on life.”

Name: KristianAge: 26

Occupation: Substitute Teacher

Hometown: Wallington, NJ  



Her perfect guy: “Loyal, trustworthy, successful, driven, spontaneous, great sense of humor and family-oriented.”

Name: LaurenAge: 26

Occupation: Event Planner

Hometown: Alexandria, VA; currently lives in Atlanta, GA  


Her perfect guy: “Honest, reliable, considerate, fun, outgoing, caring and responsible.”

Name: MagaliAge: 24

Occupation: Teacher

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  



Her perfect guy: “Tall, hard-working, caring, lovable, respectful, successful and wants me and loves me for who I am.” 


Name: MalissaAge: 26

Occupation: Waitress

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  



Her perfect guy: “Someone who is friendly, funny, good-looking, responsible and on time – all the time.” 

Name: MandyAge: 26

Occupation: Fitness and Dance Instructor

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   



Her perfect guy: “Religious, outgoing, adventurous, athletic, family-oriented, ambitious, philosophical, affectionate, romantic and funny.” 

Name: MelissaAge: 21

Occupation: Nanny

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA; currently lives in Beverly Hills, CA 



Her perfect guy: “Honest, kind, humorous and compassionate.”

Name: MichelleAge: 32

Occupation: Production Coordinator

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; currently lives in Orange County, CA   



Her perfect guy: “Honest, easygoing, can balance fun with business, dependable, outgoing, goal-oriented and passionate.” 

Name: NataliaAge: 28

Occupation: Make-Up Artist

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX; currently lives in Dallas, TX    


Her perfect guy: “Honest, trustworthy, funny, witty, family-oriented, moral…a man who knows how to treat a woman and is just an all-around respectful person.”


Name: NatashaAge: 25

Occupation: Rocket Scientist      

Hometown: Sebastopol, CA; currently lives in Los Angeles, CA     


Her perfect guy: “Honest, intelligent, ambitious and fun-loving.”

Name: SandyAge: 30

Occupation: Dancer

Hometown: Meyer, IA; currently lives in New York, NY     


Her perfect guy: “Someone who can make me laugh and can support me in my career and my life goals. I am looking for someone who will keep me on my toes at all times.”

Name: ShariAge: 34

Occupation: Corporate Trainer

Hometown: Miami, FL; currently lives in Los Angeles, CA   



Her perfect guy: “Tall, dark and handsome, but it’s more of an attitude. If he has a certain ‘grrrrr’ – that really appeals to me.”

Name: TaliAge: 26

Occupation: Artist and Motivational Speaker

Hometown: Aurora, CO (originally from Israel); currently lives in New York, NY    


Her perfect guy: “Someone who knows what he wants from life and knows where he is heading and doesn’t give up – no matter how hard things get.”

Name: VanessaAge: 32

Occupation: Criminal Defense Attorney

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA  



Her perfect guy: “Honest, loyal, ambitious, humorous, considerate, respectful, athletic, social and open-minded.”

 MORE TO LOVE is produced by Next Entertainment and 495 Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and SallyAnn Salsano serve as executive producers.






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