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Crash Is About To Burn

The Cast of Starz

The End Of The Road Is Near

The news doesn’t look good for the very few fans of the Starz original series Crash.  I also found out that I was one of only 97,000 people who watched what looks to be the final episode of the series, which is a shame because it was one of the best hours of drama that I can recall.  One where you actually think about all of the events that lead up to the final climatic moment of the show.  97,000 people?  Really?

OK, so perhaps there are millions unaccounted for like me who DVR’d it.  Well, maybe not.  But seriously, all of this brilliant acting shouldn’t go sight unseen.  Netflix has the show on instant download (although I’m hearing that eps nine and 10 are out of order).  But look, any show with well known names like Dennis Hopper, Eric Roberts and Keith Carradine is at least worth checking out.  Don’t you agree?  One word of note.  You do have to watch the entire series to get the appropriate payback for some of the previous episodes.  This show is going away – no doubt about it.  Treasure it while you can.

The show hasn’t been “officially cancelled yet”, but Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht has only been been on the job for 3 days!   He comes from HBO, so I think he is used to seeing much larger numbers.


January 14, 2010 Posted by | Crash | 2 Comments