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Big Brother 15 -Casting Analysis.. and advice for BB 16


Was this the worst cast ever?

My analysis of this year’s #BB15 casting .. I hope Big Brother will consider this below for #BB16. A lot of people have been mentioning that this has been one of the worst casting seasons to date. I do thinks that has more to do with who ended up staying to the end, than that all were poor casting choices. The problem with Big Brother casting is that they continually want to cast a lot of wannabee actors (How the hell did David make the cut, he didn’t even want to be there) (labeled as bartenders, beauty queens, pageant coordinators etc…) They need to also stop with the token flaming Drama queen. It’s nice to see on Survivor and TAR, they have had many LGBT individuals that were not flaming Andy’s, Ragans, Marcellas’ and from Canada, Gary Glitters… (Caleb this year on Survivor is a great example!)
These people are usually filler and they add phony drama… But as a casting agent, I would indeed have casted Amanda (who has a lot of Evel Dick personality without the smart game play), Howard, who should have won America’s favorite and was fairly unique,
Helen, who was interesting, flawed and ultimately ousted too early… Candice was a great casting choice – another one who said it like it was,
Nick might have turned out to be another Dan Gheesling but again, left too early to tell, On the poor casting choice side, Jeremy was a clone of Season 6’s Cappy, GM was a stereotype of stereotypes, Spencer was dull, Elissa was dull (sorry, don’t see what she added to the storylines/drama except to be hated for being Rachael’s sister), Andy as mentioned we’ve seen before – Ragan, Marcellas’, etc…, Kaitlin was filler, McCrae, who they thought was another Ian, but was Amanda’s puppet instead and quite dull,
Bottom line is to try and stop finding people like other popular players and try and find some original personalities as they do on the other CBS shows..
Perhaps it’s easy to play hindsight, but it doesn’t take hindsight to figure out that a better mix of older and younger / more diversity would find a much more interesting new blend of drama..


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