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Meet the Contestants of Amazing Race 21

For complete details  go to the Reality Fan Forum at,27200.0.html  (the credit names are forum members)   Each picture clicks to details within the forum.  

  The Teams
  Photos courtesy of Slowhatch, Chateau d If and reta!

M/M  Gary Wojnar and Will Chiola (Friends)
Team identified by ovalorange!

M/M Jaymes Vaughan & James Davis (Chippendales Dancers)
Team identified by Slowhatch and Cocoa!

M/M Brent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell (Fabulous Beekman Boys)
Team identified by georgiapeach and Chateau d If!

I’m especially excited to see this team perform based on their performance on their Beekman Boys Series.



p[M/M James LoMenzo & Mark “Abba” Abbatista (Metal Musician & Manager)
Team identified by Macaroons!

M/F Trey Wier & Lexi Beerman (Dating)
Team identified by north09 and boston_jen!

M/F Rob Scheer & Sheila Castle (Engaged Lumberjacks)
Team identified by georgiapeach!

F/F Brittany Fletcher & Caitlin King (Friends)
Team identified by Al!

F/F Nadiya Anderson & Natalie Anderson (Twins)
Team identified by Chateau d If, amazinglatinoamericafan and Alenaveda!

M/F Amy Purdy & Daniel Gale (Couple)
Team identified by boston_jen!

M/F Ryan Danz & Abbie Ginsberg (Couple)
Team identified by TARdevotee!

M/F Rob French & Kelly Carrington French (Married Monster Truck Drivers)
Team identified by georgiapeach!

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