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Big Brother 11

Russell gets a massage from Casey

Russell gets a massage from Casey

Another fun season of Big Brother is here and as you all know by now, it’s more of a team competition this year as groups of 3 comprising of High School Cliques (Nerds, Popular, OffBeat and Athletes) all compete against one another to gain control of the house.

So far as expected, the Athletes are dominating the competitions and they are the force to be reckoned with.  You have to hope the others, when they get a little control will turn on them, but who knows.  The IQ’s are not that bright.  I was just reading the live feed transcripts and one of them, a blond named Jordan pretty much lives up to the dumb blond stereotype.  It seems that she can’t tell time.  No really.  If you tell her it’s a quarter to 1, she takes that as 1:15.  YIKES!!!

The token screaming queen this year is played by Kevin, who is an Asian / African-American Mix.    I have to ask Big Brother some day if it really is there belief that only screaming queens are the only Gay people that they find interesting.  Russell is the troublemaker of the house and he seems to do it in a way that keeps him out of the spotlight.  And then there’s Ronnie.  Now Ronnie is every nerd stereotype roled into one.   He lacks the street smarts to get far in the game because he is obvious about the gossip he spreads and follows people around, sits and stares saying very little.  You can see he wants to fit in with the popular people, and as long as they have a need for him, he will.  But his lifespan in the house looks very limited.

Like last year when the very funny and popular Dan was eliminated, the first target looks to be the very funny and popular Braden.  Braden, who has done some acting though.  You can find him on Season 2’s Dante’s Cove, which is a gay Supernatural Series courtesy of the pay per view Here TV channel.  DVD’s now on sale – go get yours today and you’ll find some frontal nudity shots.  (These are mandatory for all of the bit part players on the show so the stars never have to show it.)  But enough about that.  I’ll be sad if like last year, all of the personality people leave.  I’m looking forward to seeing the hourse turn on Jessie again once he is out of power.

For a much more interesting synopsis of life in the house (which just includes highlights, not details of a conversation about lint), I highly recommend this link —> Morty’s TV.

And now as I leave you, you have to check out this fight between Braden, Jordan and Lydia.  The language is very graphic.   Braden shows a good example of what NOT to do when you are put on the block.


July 15, 2009 - Posted by | Big Brother 11

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