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Sorting Through The Summer TV Landscape – The Networks

TV has always been a virtual wasteland when it comes to summer TV viewing and growing up, has always been a tradition of having few choices for alterative programming other than reruns.  And because at the time, Cable offered very little new or innovative programming, shows like Cheers and Cosby easily could score over 20 million viewers in reruns.  These days, the top TV comedy Two and a Half Men only can muster around 9 to 10 million viewers.  So while networks are setting for less viewers in this cable landscape, here are a couple of  recommended first run viewing options on Network TV over the Summer.


Better Off Ted (ABC Tuesday Nights): The show has had very small ratings but ABC is sticking with it and in an effort to find more viewers, will be running first run episodes beginning on June 23rd!  If you were a fan of Arrested Development, this kind of had that type of humor going for it.  Some of this is very hit or miss, but if you give the show a chance, you may find it will grow on you.  Like The Office, 30 Rock and other non-laugh track comedies, this one will never find a mass audience like the established hits of yesteryear, but hopefully enough will tune in to warrant a few years.  Check out this clip courtesy of ABC

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The Listener (NBC Thursday Nights): Canadian TV gave CBS a surprise hit last summer courtesy of Flashpoint and NBC is hopinthelistenerg to strike gold with this one which is kind of a mix between Medium, The Mentalist and Heroes.  The gimmick here is Craig Olejnik who is the “listener” also known as Toby Logan, a 25-year-old paramedic with a secret telepathic ability. the lead can read minds to help solve cases.  Nothing here is unique but the show is good escapist TV.       Check out this clip courtesy of NBC

Dirty Sexy Money (Sat Nights – July 18th – Aug 8th)

This Dynasty for the next generation never caught the audience it deserved, so now the final 4 episodes (and yes, the show has a show ending finale that will tie up all loose ends) will be airing on Saturday Nights on ABC beginning July 18th.   Expect very little promotion from ABC (and no new video clips are available ) about this so you’ll be on your own to remember to set your recorders.     Dirty Sexy Money – Home –

ABC also has the return of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire primetime coming in August with Regis as host!


Big Brother (CBS – Sun, Tue, Thurs Nights): Don’t knock TV’s guiltiest summer pleasure until you try it.  The live feed in combination with the Primetime antics makes for the perfect escape and it is so oddly addictive that you’ll find yourself hooked before you know it.      Fall Preview 2009 on

Of course there is plenty more to watch thanks to cable.  Next will be looking at all of  the innovative variety of offerings on the cable nets.


June 12, 2009 - Posted by | Summer TV Preview, TV


  1. There are far better choices for this summer. Wipeout, Japanese Game Show, Superstars.

    Everything you listed, with exception of Big Brother, is summer burn off.

    Actually, it is Cable that has the better shows during the summer, no matter what genre you prefer.

    Comment by TV-aholic | June 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Actually, the cable recommendations are coming out next as stated in the blog. I can’t agree with any of your choices however. The shows you listed were sampled by yours truly and I found to be just awful, but feel free to enjoy them yourself!!!! And you’ll be watching Dirty Sexy Money along with me after our bet is over….

      Comment by Mark Cosenza | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. I got 2 extra episodes for the series to have a dip below 4 million.

    Still have not figured out what show for you to watch WHEN you lose, again.

    Comment by TV-aholic | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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